Day One CSEC programs

Mentor Program

Day One RI’s Survivor Mentor Program pairs former victims of human trafficking with youth who are at risk or confirmed to be commercially exploited. Pairing youth with mentors who have been trained in anti-human trafficking advocacy and who are also survivors of this lifestyle gives the program an advantage in reaching youth on a relatable level. This survivor-led model helps cultivate what we expect to be lifelong relationships that provide support, guidance, and resources to help victims become successful independent adults in today’s ever-changing society.

My Life, My Choice (MLMC) is also available for survivor treatment and prevention. MLMC groups are a way to educate at-risk youth in recognizing and avoiding tactics of human trafficking recruiters and help lead them out of the risk of exploitation or help those who are already involved. MLMC addresses immediate and long-term needs of young people with a support group of peers and mentors. MLMC’s goal is educate youth about the realities and perceptions of the commercial sex industry and help them build self-esteem.

For more information on the Day One Survivor Mentor Program or the My Life My Choice class curriculum, dates, and enrollment, contact our Mentoring Coordinator at 401-421-4100 ext. 130 or fill out our request for service form.

Multi-Disciplinary Teaming


Video: What is an MDT?

Our Multi-Disciplinary Teaming (MDT) process is designed to ensure the medical, social services, and law enforcement response to child sex trafficking is victim-centered. The team assesses the child’s immediate need and develops a safety plan. The goal of the MDT process is the stabilization and well being of the child, as well as assisting with the law enforcement investigation. 
For more information on the Day One RI MDT program contact our MDT Coordinator at 401-421-4100 ext.134 or e-mail

Care Coordination 


Our Care Coordination program is focused specifically on responding to human trafficking victims and their unique support needs. The Care Coordination program is responsible for:

•    Crisis intervention
•    Assessment of victims and their families
•    Identifying appropriate services
•    Enhancing supports
•    Assisting with housing, transportation, education, financial needs
•    Helping caregivers with a broader support system through support groups and other resources
•    Ensuring appropriate referrals.

For more information on the Day One Care Coordination program, contact our Care Coordinator at 401-421-4100 ext. 142 or e-mail



Day One’s CSEC training program is designed to both raise awareness while providing instruction on how best to utilize Rhode Island’s Uniform Response Protocol for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, creating a more consistent response across multiple disciplines throughout the state.
For more information on our CSEC training program, or to schedule a training, please contact our Training Coordinator at 401-421-4100 ext. 163 or e-mail