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Story Ideas

Online Predators and Internet Safety
With the recent cases brought against the social networking website MySpace, as well as several bills in the works to help prevent online predators and protect potential victims, internet safety is a rising issue in the public consciousness. It is important to keep the public, especially parents, informed about the ongoing issue and ways that they can keep their families safe. Click here for more information.

Human Trafficking
Once considered an international issue, human trafficking has hit locally with its discovery right here in Providence. Such a serious and complicated issue is something that should be reported on with salient information and compassion. Day One has teamed up with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Human Trafficking to support victims as well as change holes in current Rhode Island laws that permit indoor prostitution and make Rhode Island a desirable destination for sex slavery.
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Campus Safety
With so many college campuses in Rhode Island, it is important to keep students and parents aware of what they can do to prevent sexual assault. It is also important to remind victims that there are ways to heal and prosecute offenders. Keeping this issue in the media can potentially save lives as well as help those who already have deal with their issues and know that there is help for them.
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1-800-494-8100 24-Hour Victims of Crime HelpLine

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