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The Office of Victim Services is a collaboration between Day one and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. It is designed to serve crime victims of inmates who are in custody at, or under the supervision of, the Adult Correctional Institution. OVS can also assist concerned family members of those victims, as well as professional service providers.

The Office of Victim Services is staffed by two crime victim advocates: one advocate is responsible for assisting victims of crime whose offender is currently in custody at the Adult Correctional Institution, as well as running the RI-VINE system. She can be reached at (401) 462-5203.

The other advocate is responsible for assisting victims of sex offenders who are currently under supervision by the Intensive Sex Offender Unit of Probation and Parole. She can be reached at (401) 462-0381.

RI-VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. It is a free, anonymous, computer-assisted telephone service that provides inmate custody information and notification of changes in inmate custody status. While VINE was created with victims in mind, it is available to anyone concerned about the custody of an inmate at the ACI.

Click on the links to view/download an informational brochure about RI-VINE. Inmate custody information can also be accessed via the web at www.vinelink.com.

If you would like to request more information about the RI-VINE, or if you would like to register to receive a notification, please call the Office of Victim Services at 462-5203.

In 2003, it became apparent that there was an additional need for a victim advocate for the Intensive Sex Offender Probation and Parole Unit to continue to support victims when their offenders were put on probation. Staff met and discussed what the Unit needed and created a unique statewide position modeled after a victim advocate program operating in Connecticut.

Many survivors of sexual assault and their family members are understandably concerned when a sex offender re-enters the community after a period of incarceration. Some wonder if the offender will violate a no contact order and attempt to speak with the victim again. Many victims begin to feel anxious, scared, angry, and experience disturbances in their sleep patterns once again at the mere thought of the offender getting released from prison. Sometimes victims find themselves reliving parts of the original trauma. Family members also can experience a wide range of emotions related to a victim's offender being released from custody including feeling helpless to support the victim.

What can the victim advocate offer to sexual assault victims and family members?

  • Information and referrals to appropriate community based services;
  • Emotional support;
  • A liaison between the victim and probation and/or treatment staff;
  • Legal Advocacy;
  • A voice in the supervision of sex offenders with probation staff and treatment providers.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault and the offender is currently being supervised by probation, you may call us through the contact information below. If you are concerned about a sex offender who is living in your community, you may also contact this office for additional information and support.

Victim Advocate: (401) 462-0381





1-800-494-8100 24-Hour Victims of Crime HelpLine

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