Trauma-Informed Yoga Groups

Day One offers Trauma Informed Yoga Groups for any person who has been a victim of any type of trauma. Taught by a certified yoga instructor and a licensed Day One clinician, our trauma-informed yoga groups combine the yoga component with guided meditation and mindfulness in every class. 

Classes are designed to provide ritual and routine and take place in a safe, intimate environment (no more than 12 people in a class). Trauma-informed yoga groups offer:

  • Healing through movement, breath and stillness
  • Empowerment by taking ownership of one’s body
  • Connection with others in a confidential setting
  • Appropriate gender group separation

Trauma, particularly sexual assault, affects the body in many ways. Trauma-informed yoga instruction can help survivors understand how their bodies have been affected by their trauma. Yoga has been proven to reduce some of the effects of trauma on the body while helping survivors engage their bodies in a healthy way – moving beyond traditional mindfulness therapies that focus on the mind, by bringing the body actively into the healing process.

Classes are 75 minutes and take place at Day One over an 8-week session.

Contact Jolene Potter, group coordinator for more information and to sign-up.


Phone: 401-421-4100 x148