Your Voice. Your View.

Your Voice Your View workshops are designed to promote healthy relationships and abuse prevention and give students the opportunity to share their voice and views about these topics with their peers.

YVYV High School:

Session one focusses on sharing the attitudes and beliefs of the students in the room and their perception of their school culture. Using i-clicker technology, facilitators guide students through a series of questions that examine misperceptions we hold about violence in our community. Session one also introduces several key terms, providing students with the language they need to discuss different forms of power-based personal violence.

Session two utilizes interactive activities and scenarios to break down students’ understanding of boundaries and consent and increases their level of awareness in recognizing abuse and potentially abusive situations. Facilitators build on the definitions introduced in session one to provide detailed information on consent and sexual assault laws in RI.

Session three provides an opportunity for boys and girls to talk about gender-related issues in separate sessions. This discussion based session allows for students to examine myths and facts of sexual violence and analyze gender specific scenarios.

Session four brings together discussions from the prior three sessions and builds upon activities and content to teach and practices strategies for being an active bystander. Students practice these skills as they apply bystander strategies to previous scenarios and through group work and role play. Session four marks the end of the YVYV program, as well as the beginning of continued student involvement. We want to continue hearing from you and hope that you will stay connected to Your Voice Your View!


1.  All teens participating in the Your Voice, Your View workshops will complete a pre-workshop questionnaire. Day One staff will come to distribute questionnaires at your convenience. Teens will also be asked to fill out a post-questionnaire 4-6 weeks later.

2.  The workshop consists of four 60-minute sessions. (Your Voice, Your View staff will bring equipment if the school/organization does not have equipment available.)

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