Volunteer Opportunities

By donating your time and sharing your interests and talents with the community, you can find many ways to help Day One carry out our mission.

Through education, advocacy, trauma-informed treatment and our Children’s Advocacy Center, Day One brings awareness of and helps prevent sexual abuse.

Many companies often match volunteer hours, click here for a list of matching companies.

Current Volunteer needs at Day One include:

  • Help Line
  • Host a House Party to raise awareness. Contact Cara O'Hare to help coordinate.
  • Hosting an awareness event
  • Distributing outreach materials throughout the state
  • Clerical Help: Come help out in our office! Create packets, send appeals to our donors, send outreach materials to local universities, community centers, health centers, etc.


  • Our be. program needs your help! The be. program was created by Day One to empower children involved in human trafficking by connecting them to their community through enrichment opportunities, scholarships, and leadership training. The goal of be. is to engage the community, help young trafficking survivors believe in themselves and learn how to build positive relationships while providing opportunities for fun, success, and personal growth. Transitioning out of "the life" is a difficult process that can take multiple attempts. Victims need to know they have other options.
    • Art Supply Drive: We need art supplies! Anything from canvases and paints, to beads and wire. Our goal is to create a calm and fun environment for survivors to feel comfortable in so that they can make strides in their personal growth.
    • Care to Cook: Cook or sponsor a meal for our be. group! Every Wednesday night the group meets and look forward to a home-cooked or restaurant-style meal. The meal would serve up to twelve people and can be anything from homemade mac and cheese to gourmet beef stew!
    • Clothing Drive: We need clothing items for our advocates to give survivors when they meet them in the hospitals after an assault. 

Please fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you soon. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 401-421-4100 x146 or email info@dayoneri.org.

Thank you for your interest in joining us!